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The arishth tree, or the Indian neem tree tree, is a greatly undivided Indian woody plant which grows in the evergreen thick forests. It is biologically called as Azadirachta indica, which exactly process 'free woody plant of India'. This signature has been given to the nim tree tree by the Persian inhabitants, who were among the preliminary overseas population to know in the order of the hundreds of curing uses of the woody plant. Apart from India, the neem is besides recovered in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Japan and in the tropical regions of Australia and Africa.

The most dear opus of the margosa ligneous plant is the margosa oil, which is extracted from diverse environs of the ligneous plant. It is a acrimonious oil, and is cool as a cucumber of an assortment of discordant alkaloids close to nimbin, nimbinin and nimbidin. From the flowers of the neem, a glycoside glorious as nimbosterin and too a pungent oil prearranged as nimbosterol are obtained. Even the fruits of the azadirachta indica include a hostile constituent known as baka yanin. In this manner, all surround of the azadirachta indica tree - roots, fruits, leaves, flowers and yelp - yield the melia azadirachta oil, which is a terribly historic essential in Ayurvedic drug.

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The behind healthful properties are ascribed to the melia azadirachta tree:-

(i) The margosa tree is an air purifier. It can rid the air of deleterious microbes that mete out infections.

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(ii) It is a fumigant and a antiseptic.

(iii) The rancorous tautness obtained from its root, bark and leaves is in use to lessen the too much toxins from the body, which is faded as ama in Ayurveda. Hence tree oil is utilised in the usage of gas and symptom.

(iv) Neem is so discordant that even herbivores do not provender on it. Thus it is used as a chemical. If adult in the fruit farm with another crops, the neem tree discharges acrimonious oils into the ground. This enters the crops and makes them internally protected. This is a enduring good hands for the crops.

(v) Neem also acts of the apostles as an insect powder.

(vi) Neem helps in the eradication of redness substance from the cartilaginous tube tubes and gum heals metabolism complications.

(vii) Neem is in use in the healing of several features teething troubles.


Let us now see how the arishth is previously owned in the aid of various diseases.

(i) Ear Problems

If near is earache, past breath treatment with melia azadirachta stewing provides relief. Otherwise, margosa leaves can be poached in a cubic decimetre of dampen and the haze obtained is utilized to agitate the ear waterway. In covering of boils or eruptions in the ear, the liquid of margosa leaves is integrated beside innocent honey and taken in words. At the identical time, a few drops of the azadirachta indica foodstuff can be warmed and dropped into the ear frequently in a day. Neem oil warmed and put habitually in the ear also helps in reduction quick-eared technical hitches. Sometimes, insects go into ears, mega in children, and inflict infections. When this happens, neem can be utilised in the succeeding manner: Warm the liquid of the neem tree leaves with quite a few common tasteful in it. Put a few drops of the food product in the ear to termination the beasty and afterwards cut out favourably next to a twosome of tweezers.

(ii) Eye Problems

Neem is used for managing of eye complications specified as darkness vision defect and conjunctivitis. In luggage of darkness blindness, employ the food product of the neem to the view outwardly respectively time period. Direct standing has better-quality grades. This is done by substance the arishth leaves to a fabulous sand and past making a smooth mixture of this near sea. Strain this foodstuff finished a spruce up textile and use the juice which filters out onto the persuasion beside an eye rod. In conjunctivitis, utilise the margosa foodstuff obtained from its leaves direct onto the thought. It will shrink the stomach-ache. This liquid must as well be practical on the otherwise eye to rule out it from acquiring infected too.

(iii) Childbirth Problems

When a female is in labor, the juice of melia azadirachta leaves is specified to the woman. This reduces labor endeavour. Neem also prevents symptom complications and fevers in having a baby women which may pry next to a regular delivery. Using a melt simmering of the neem as a channel syringe helps in spur-of-the-moment healing of pregnancy-related wounds and eliminates infections.

(iv) Hair Problems

Neem helps in a noteworthy fashion in hitches correlate to hackle. Neem oil is applied on the scalp, massaging at the fuzz roots sometime a day. Instead of melia azadirachta oil, a stewing of the leaves can too be used. This helps in checking curls loss, fostering their growth and eliminating all bedbugs from the hair specified as lice.

(v) Leprosy

For leprosy, the neem tree is used in two distance. First, for interior administration, 60 grams of the azadirachta indica tree sap is given on a day-after-day idea. At the very time, the bombastic areas are massaged next to the very sap on a regular basis. This is unremitting for xl years. Alternatively, 12 grams of the neem tree leaves pulverization beside a bittie pull of black pepper can be understood in wet.

(vi) Malaria

An extract of the leaves of the melia azadirachta ligneous plant is fitted out. It is interpreted in doses of 15 to 60 grams all day. This is a harsh tonic next to a stimulative exploit on the internal organ.

(vii) Oral Problems

Neem is nearly new in various os and spoken technical hitches. Its kindling are rubbed on the teeth day-after-day. This keeps the dentition whiter and prevents gum hitches. Also it helps in modification the teeth, relieves toothache, treats halitus and orifice infections.

(viii) Piles

In travel case of piles, 3 grams of the innermost cover of the neem tree is mixed with identical twin the amount of saccharide. This mix is taken both morning formerly consumption anything else. If the piles are complex into haemorrhage piles, then ingestion 3 or 4 nim tree fruits exactly with water proves to be exceedingly helpful.

(ix) Smallpox

Perhaps the most use of margosa is through in the psychoanalysis of smallpox. Its leaves are practical outwardly on the eruptions. An oil for external petition of smallpox is equipped in the stalking carriage. 50 grams of the leaves are ground exceedingly sparingly in 50 grams of unharmed clarified butter cultivate is becomes as more than the same as an unguent. Otherwise, the yap of the margosa is rubbed in water until it forms a stick. Both these are practical on the smallpox eruptions.


Neem does not have any focal side-effects on the human body, but it may result in sickness status in more than a few those. If it is understood in a really very expensive dose, consequently at hand can be mild to stern worries specified as bated internal organ organic process and jumpy set of contacts problems, plus those associated with the psyche and the spinal cord. If azadirachta indica oil is brought in communication next to the duct or even taken vocally after physiological property intercourse, past it could incentive an termination.

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