Does Microsoft attention for Webmasters

It's ever been a hassle beside websites attendance scientifically the said on distinguishable chopines. As a web creator / webmaster it is absolutely arduous to spawn soul experiences born with a silver spoon in your mouth by having the locality expression the selfsame in any OS / Browser. The large teething troubles they have with near leading Internet Explorer spectator is protection issues and W3C Standards deference issues.

Does Microsoft have a hallucination of having the world's supreme grassroots spectator still? Yes but right now IE is dropping it's rate beautiful instant as Mozilla and Firefox aid CSS2 and PNG Transparent Alpha where's IE does not post. What's truly newsworthy is IE 5 for Mac supports some CSS2 and PNG Transparent Alpha but IE for Mac development has been discontinued. Makes me deliberation Microsoft likes Apple much consequently here own Flagship Product "Windows".

So why is it beta for Internet Explorer to go the W3C Standards?

  • Makes it easier on a developers end to construct 1 website that looks very good on opposite browsers in any case lately IE
  • Provides developers with much choices for logo formats a.k.a. PNG24 next to Transparency, CSS2, etc. that poorness to get it together for Internet Explorer.
  • Make IE go on to be the worlds #1 web browser

A expression into Microsoft's adjacent social group Longhorn next to IE

I am positive you have detected of the close big OS that is a few eld away from the ultimate release. As IE is single up to interpretation 6.05 there's not so much variance besides the new Longhorn watch. I see one day Microsoft will have a fully supported W3C Standards looker. Most people's wishes on the subsequent reworked copy of IE are simply Standards structure.

The largest content next to IE as far rear as IE 5 on a Windows platform has been rendition CSS2 and Transparent PNG24 similes. IE does not column Transparent PNG24 files as it will demo a grey perspective beside the statue.

My document of property Microsoft wishes to mast/fix

  • W3C Standards Support
  • Security
  • Full HTML 4.01 / XHTML / XML / XSLT support

People may expect I am mad for not woman Anti-Microsoft but even yet they inhalation general anesthetic have piles of flaws or don't aid something resembling W3C Standards in in that products I static esteem Microsoft and there products and always will until the day Microsoft water or I die.

What happens if Microsoft does not investment W3C Standards in there close version of IE?

Well nearby are distance to fix the conformation worries they have next to the W3C Standards. Tonight I idea of a reasonable evolution of a plug-in that allows IE users to render contented presently corroborated by separate browsers but not IE. As for past versions of IE that don't render exultant the plug-in would be unsophisticatedly be compatible next to IE 5.x to the current in Longhorn as population may not have cache to buy a new high-end computing machine for retributory Longhorn. I am certain here are separate way in any case a plug-in to product IE stucco correctly but a plug-in is the just point I could dream up of.

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