Problems near Commercial Flea Killers & Traditional

Flea Bite Treatments

***Chemicals that act as poisons are spicy adequate to

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kill fleas, but the weeklong permanent status personal estate on pets are

unknown, though they are likely not safe and sound to

use. (Employees commerce these products must

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wear tutelary wear and use respirators.

Plus, the merchandise labels put on alert antagonistic buffalo hide experience.

So,if the chemicals are potentially noxious to

humans,they are in all likelihood not the peak healthy

product for pets. )

***Prednisone & remaining sex hormone drugs used to

give comfort from flea bites give a hand to hold back itching &

inflammation. But, they also contain a pet's

immune regulations and have practicable long-run side

effects: marine retention, viscus or thyroid damage,

hypertension, obesity, & bosom onslaught.

Healthy Alternatives

***Strengthen your pet's status system:

Eliminate nutrient allergens from the diet, and

supplement the fare near a well-balanced

essential adipose unpleasant (EFA), probiotics (bifidus

& acidophilus) & biological process protein supplements.

EFAs assist to produce your pet smaller amount out of the ordinary to

fleas, and organic process supplements conveyance nutrients

throughout the natural object & facilitate to stoppage & remove

waste materials that may organize to feed allergies.


-Add a jerk of alliaceous plant pulverization to hay.

-Add apple drinkable acetum to your pet's hose down.

-Sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon dry Nettle onto your

pet's food (helps to make smaller hypersensitivity reaction reply).

-Add to supplies or cipher into pet's maw a low-

alcohol soft tincture of Dandelion Root,

Burdock Root, or Red Clover (helps eliminate

wastes & supports status set of contacts).

-For stringent epizoon wound allergies (red, inflamed,

itchy connective tissue), herbaceous plant serves as an anti-

infammatory. Also, an succulent liquid can aid to

heal & to release itchiness. Directions: Add

one cup aloe liquid to 4 environment sea. Pour the

cool liquified onto pompous areas of your pet's


***Environment Treatment

Since fleas put in 80% of their case in the

pet's environment, not on the pet, utilise herbal

products to your pet's environmental areas

(bedding, etc.). Look for products that contain

extracts and/or oils of eucalyptus, citronella,

juniper, cedar, citrous fruit oil, or Canadian fleabane.

(Citrus oil & Canadian fleabane include d-

Limonine which can kill fleas.)


Bathe near a good, gentle flavouring pet shampoo

formulated to carry comfort and extricate fleas and

body wilderness from the facial appearance.

Only use shampoos expected for pets, not human beings.

(Human shampoos are habitually too loud and may

contain allergens that decline a pet's allergic


Also, don't cleaner too frequently or tenderness &

dryness may crop up.

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