There are various up and upcoming cities in the Minneapolis subway borough and outstate regions, one of these communities that is of a little something to plentiful new abode buyers is St. Michael, Minnesota. St. Michael provides the have a feeling of a lock knit, smaller gathering but is powerfully inside arrive at of Minneapolis (30 miles) and the connected suburbs. Here are several of the high-status holding that race who are superficial for a new conjugal material in St. Michael necessitate to cognize.

City Stats*

Population: 9,099 (year 2000, near in circles 15,000 now)

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County: Wright County

Median Age: 31.4 (Wright County)

Median Household Income: $77,330

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Median House/Condo Value: $255,000

Real Estate Property Taxes: $1,664 (year 2000)

*Retrieved from

Economic Development

The City's Economic Development Authority (EDA) promotes the retention and expansion of existing businesses spell attracting new businesses to the hamlet in bid to market a varied tax base, job opportunities, and handy purchasing for residents. The seven-member EDA consists of two Council representatives and 5 residents nominative by the Council.


Neighborhoods in St. Michael hold out a site wherever residents can soak up relations enthusiasm in generous backyards and enjoy miles of hiking, close and biking trails. This is a civic where on earth families precision for their homes, their community, and respectively other than. There are umpteen very good neighborhoods in the swathe planned by Minnesota new conjugal builders Hans Hagen Homes, Ryland Homes, Rottlund Homes and Liberty Homes.


Residents of St. Michael are conscionable minutes away from distinctive purchasing and distinctive savings at the Albertville Premium Outlets. This destination purchasing municipality features a hearty array of national brand name outlet stores for interior designer rage and sportswear, kids' clothes, food, put up wares, matrimonial instrumentality and more.

Parks and Recreation

St. Michael has a intense parcel and curl regulations planned to lug assistance of the area's intuitive reserves and confer a spreading length of activity endeavours for inhabitants of all ages and interests.

The City works collaboratively next to the City of Albertville and ISD #885 to supply recreational deeds for the full commune through the Family Youth Community Connections (FYCC). FYCC organizes goings-on and programs through the year, together with Reading in the Park, Arts in the Park, Plays, Father/Daughter Dances, etc.

St. Michael is fortunate to have a figure of regional civil rights activist that furnish a all-embracing list of actions and rich plain abstraction.

o Pelican Lake Waterfowl Refuge

o Beebe Lake County Park (Wright County Parks)

o 2,600-acre Crow-Hassan Park Reserve (Three Rivers Park District)

Library of St. Michael

The Roy Simms Community Library is a to the full ready to hand room in the Colonial Mall (same edifice as Subway and Mr. Movies), in downtown St. Michael.

The library is section of the Great River Regional Library system, which has 31 locations for the duration of the provision zone. The GRRL has more than 700,000 items, which view books, auditory communication cassettes, serried disks, books on tape, videotapes, and periodicals that can be accessed by patrons.

Senior Center

Programs are offered on multifarious activities, trips, health, schooling and diversion. The Center is a place for seniors to meet others, harvest for fun and substance. There are no rank fees. The Center is a cooperative programme of the City of St. Michael and Senior Community Services. The scheduling is through by force of Senior Community Services, which is a United Way Agency. Volunteers are requisite to support beside programs and monetary donations are ever esteemed.

There is a lot to do in St. Michael; here are terrible restaurants, abundance of shopping, low crime, respectable schools and utmost significantly a close, good company commune that will make the acquaintance of any newcomers.

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